Conn Hallinan, writing in Foreign Policy in Focus, says that Dancing with Dynamite is “thoughtful and well-reported” and “succeeds in illuminating the gray zones between passion and power that must be negotiated on the road to building a humanist society everywhere.” Full review here.

Clifton Ross wrote a review for Counterpunch, saying Dancing with Dynamite “is a daring, you could say ‘explosive,’ little book, and it stands out in a big way from other volumes on the subject…” Full review here.

Jason Tockman, in the NACLA Report on the Americas, writes that the book “serves as a good primer for the newcomer to the region’s contemporary politics, while its revealing interviews add additional texture for closer observers of Latin America.” Full review here.

Malcolm Bell writes in Interconnect, “this book is important and, I dare say, necessary for everyone who cares about the potential of social movements to take the lead in their dance with power.” Full review here.

Kari Lydersen wrote a review for In These Times, saying that Dancing with Dynamite is a “captivating book.” Full review here.

Mike Geddes writes in Red Pepper magazine, that “this accessible and fascinating book” is “the product of a deep understanding of radical politics across Latin America…” Full review here.

Fred Fuentes, in Australia’s Green Left Weekly, writes, “Dangl’s latest offering provides an opportunity for the subjects of the social changes underway in Latin America to speak for themselves and tell their own story.” Full review here.

The Indypendent published a review of Dancing with Dynamite by Matt Wasserman. The author calls the book “a fascinating account of the experiments happening” in South America. Full review here.